Manufacturer of metal parts and metal washers for cold stamping
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At Claudio San Martín, we are invested in a quality service, both to produce our parts and in the consulting service we provide to our clients. Commitment to quality is a priority we take care of in each and every one of the aspects of our service.

In addition to ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications, we guarantee total traceability of our production to clients. We provide you with modern unitary controls with vision machines, as well as metrology and parts measurement controls. This means we can deliver exhaustive reports and quality certificates.

We have digital and three-dimensional size control equipment. Beyond the final control for each part, at Claudio San Martín, we execute an approval procedure for each production process. We provide you with a laboratory to measure parameters such as the hardness of materials used, roughness of surfaces, etc.

All our experience means we know the sector very well and have a fluid relationship with external laboratories, strengthening our commitment to quality in the service we offer.

We guarantee traceability for our production
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