Manufacturer of metal parts and metal washers for cold stamping
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In addition to metal stamping work, at Claudio San Martín we offer different surface treatments to meet all your needs. Some of them are conducted at our facilities, and the rest are through our qualified suppliers, located nearby CLAUDIO SAN MARTÍN.


Our commitment to quality means that all our production processes are accompanied by parts stabilisation and polishing. Our automated polishing process means we achieve top-rate results. This polishing process provides a process for de-greasing and applying anti-rust products, offering products that are totally clean and rust-free.

Polishing and heat treatment for parts we produce

Thermal treatments

When high hardness is required, obtained through different thermal treatment methods, CLAUDIO SAN MARTIN has trustworthy suppliers to carry out the required tempering process.

Surface coatings

Depending on your requirements and needs, we can offer you the surface treatments that best meet your needs through our approved suppliers: electrolytic (ZnFe, ZnNi), lamellar (Geomet, Deltaprotekt, Magni), Phosphate, Mechanical zinc coating.

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